Writer. Thinker. Strategist. Creative Tight Rope Walker.

All About Nina

Professional Stuff

Nina Gass has been doing this writing gig for awhile – let’s say a few decades now or this content will sound entirely dated. During that time, she gathered a lot of experience, knowledge, trivia, and insights into all types of writing — business writing, editing and proofreading, academic writing, social media, content production, SEO-driven content, media relations, marketing communications, corporate identity, strategic positioning and investor relations. And, she did this across a seemingly endless list of industries and niches: automotive, sales and motivation, entertainment, beauty and spa therapy, construction, web solutions, online advertising, healthcare, financial services, high technology, chemical, food, textile, distribution, packaging, consumer products, and mortgage banking.

Does she mind being a ghostwriter on most everything she does? Not at all. It is not about seeing her name in print; it’s about fulfilling the client’s vision and translating it into something that influences the target audience.

In-between a career in public relations and copywriting, she dabbled in some other career paths. This included owning the mobileSPA Los Angeles, a franchised mobile day spa business that provided health and wellness services to corporations, consumers, the entertainment industry, hotels, and event and public relations firms. During the two and a half years that she ran it, Nina produced spa-themed events for celebrities and high-profile events tied to the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Ikea, Hell’s Kitchen, MTV, the Grammy’s Awards, Nintendo, and the TV Land Awards.

Prior to this venture, Nina was Account Executive for Forti Communications, Inc., a boutique public relations and communications agency located in Thousand Oaks, California.

Educational Stuff

Nina studied Literature and History at Oxford University in Oxford, England and holds a B.A. Degree in English Literature from California State University, Northridge as well as a MBA from Keller University.

Personal Stuff

Nina lives nearby to Los Angeles. She enjoys life with her dashing English husband and two adorable and oh-so-clever boys that continue to amaze her on a daily basis.

Other Stuff

When not writing, Nina enjoys reading, movies, cooking, and traveling – pretty much anything that expands her mind and provides a new perspective to her journey.