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A Feature Writer Role with Due.com

I am excited to take on the role of a featured writer for Due.com’s blog and landing pages, which offers small business owners a wealth of knowledge and tips about money management, accounting, operational decisions, productivity and anything else that helps improve revenue and profitability. My role so far as been to produce relevant content for many types of small business owners, including photographers, content writers, payroll specialists, and consultants just to name a few.

Some of my favorite assignments so far for this online invoicing company involve those that relate to freelancers since that’s been the direction of my career for the past 14 years. With freelancers now getting the attention they deserve, including research dedicated to studying the nearly 54 million freelancers that now work across the country, it helps me to focus on making changes that improve my own small business. This involves everything from how to ensure I get paid on time to how I can be more productive, working from home and surrounded by any number of distractions.

Be sure to follow my growing library of articles for Due.com as well as those written by my colleagues on their blog!

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