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An Odd Job for a Private Person

Nothing could be more personal than someone’s own words — especially those words put on page that don’t go away EVER — after all, these words come from that innermost mystery spot in the brain that holds feelings, thoughts, and all that sappy stuff. Creates a little sensitivity then when it comes time to share it with others even if the topic is not touching on a traumatic event.  But, people do write down their thoughts and feelings in order to communicate, socialize, and get things done.

And, so goes the job of the writer. As a person who treasures their privacy (but I’m Facebook so maybe not necessarily off the grid), it would be hard to imagine someone who likes to keep things quiet uses megaphone everyday in her job.  Hiding as a ghostwriter, however, provides a certain amount of anonymity that maybe isn’t so bad. When I did write anything of my own, others who read it always assumed the words were directly connected to me and who I am. Ha! If that were the case, there are some favorite writers out there that would scare the daylights out of me…

Ghostwriting may not be for those who like center stage, but it is a way that makes my job as a writer less odd and helps me balance out my need for that anonymity I think is pretty comfortable for me.  It also delivers the satisfaction that maybe I can help someone else put words on screen and in print when they do not know how to say what needs to be said.

With a somewhat intuitive sense, I often capture others’ voices and intent, but others — well, I can’t read their minds. But, maybe a little ‘brainstorm’ might help my career along. Until then, as a ghostwriter, I seek to get others to give up their ghosts so I can give them a face and words to define that face…..

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