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Being a Freelancer

By Joshua Utley

There’s up’s there’s down’s some might have you turn around. When I first started writing I was 15, I was going to have a novel done in 2 years and be rich by the time I was 21 so that I could concentrate on having fun and avoiding things like work. Guess what, I am 21 still working on that novel and about the polar opposite of rich. However I am doing what I love to make a living and couldn’t be happier.

You know how they say it pays to know people in all the right places? Well it’s the same with freelance writing. If you go into the job not knowing anyone and make it somewhere, well then my hats off to you because I am not so sure I could have done that. Sure there are dozens of freelance writing sites out there (a few of them won’t even try to rip you off) and even sometimes craigslist has a bit to offer, but it really does pay to know someone.

I got started in that way, I was introduced to my boss today and well without her I would be leagues behind where I am now. So be social, join writer’s sites and talk to people learn the secrets of the trade and be sure to put yourself through school. Join sites like writer access and be active in seeking work and contacts. Your pay will be low, but better than nothing. Not to mention that you will be able to dip your toes into the world of freelance writing and decide if it is worth it to you.

You can be a writer and still work a regular job, or you can freelance to hone your skills and make a paycheck while writing the next great American novel it’s all up to you. As for tips on getting into freelancing I only have a few and thus far they have worked well enough for me.

  • It pays to know someone, be social talk to everyone and be friendly and open to criticism. You never know when a door could open for you.
  • Dive right in, once on a site like writer access request every possible job, but be sure you can do them and don’t forget the classifieds.
  • Never stop writing; I can’t stress this more than anything. Sure for some writing is a gift, but for most it is a skill that we can continue to hone every single day. So never stop writing.

Follow these steps and be proactive and with some time and patience you will see the work begin to flow on in.

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