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I stepped away from my blog for quite awhile this year.writing

The primary reason was a lot of writing projects. Always a good thing, right? This has been my busiest year yet and I do not plan on slowing down in 2014.

The second reason was recalibrating my life. There was a lot of  “cleaning house” to make sure I focused solely on my immediate family and friends. There is only so much time in the day and the people that are there through thick and thin are deserving of that time.  That meant enjoying the summer for what it was — summer with my boys.

While there was work, I spent the majority of the summer doing fun things with the boys and making sure they had the summer break they deserved. summer

The third reason was I was evolving my website and my business to focus on specific types of writing projects. I am really pleased with the new website and am excited to get back to blogging and updating it regularly, including adding pictures and posting some of my personal musings and writing projects. Not to mention the fact that my blog is actually media friendly.

The last and final reason was that I was focused on getting ready for one of many trips of a lifetime, this one being Australia and New Zealand. It’s nearly here.perth

While I hope to blog about it while on my trip, there may be a lull in blogging if I decide there is no time between wine tasting, pub crawling, and discovering not to mention visiting with family while there.

No more dreaming…..Just doing.



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