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Re-Do Your Resume!

The economy is in the dumps, and a very sad reprucussion of that is the rapid rise in unemployment. With a shrinking pool of jobs to choose from, now is the time to revamp that resume so that your light shines a little bit brighter than your competition, moving your...

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Greening My Career

While I have to admit I’ve never been a green activist and cringe at the thought of Birkenstocks and granola, I am becoming more aware that I can–and should–do some things in my life and career that will make them a bit greener. Perhaps, it has dawned on me...

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New Clients, Exciting Possibilities!

The past few weeks have brought some incredible new projects sure to keep my brain buzzing for the rest of 2009. Idea Launch/Life Tips is a content outsource company that actually found me rather than me stalking them (wow, how did that happen?!). They hire brain boxes like me...

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Getting into the Blog of Things

I must admit that even though I can pump out a lot of content for clients, having a blog takes some getting used to. Since it not paid work and there are no deadlines hanging over my head, I forget about working on my own writing and marketing because...

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Current Projects and Future Endeavors

It has been an exciting few months¬†as I’ve tentatively dipped my pen back into the possibilities that the life of a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and editor brings after owning a service-oriented spa business for the past three years. Knowing that writing was my true passion, it is amazing to...

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Keeping it Simple and Succinct

Since writing comes naturally to me and it is my passion, I’m always shocked by how scared people are to write. Perhaps, it is an inability to get started and the blank screen staring back is a bit intimidating. There is also the concern that what gets put on...

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