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Current Projects and Future Endeavors

It has been an exciting few months as I’ve tentatively dipped my pen back into the possibilities that the life of a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and editor brings after owning a service-oriented spa business for the past three years. Knowing that writing was my true passion, it is amazing to experience the positive and explosive growth in clients and writing that has transpired over the course of just five months. Change is a powerful tool that may be difficult to grasp, but once you start using it, the results are tremendous.

A number of exciting projects are currently in the mix. Let me tell you what is brewing in my mind and on the computer screen:

  • For The Refuge in North Carolina, I am working with Pastor Jay Stewart on a ghostwriting projects that entails compiling a book of various life journeys to help readers realize the possibilities that life holds through making positive change.
  • For a sales professional, I am putting the finishing touches on his compelling and concise sales book that has application for others outside the world of sales.
  • For a global organization, we are working together to craft a story of how the principles of a family business can be applied to any company for greater success based on traditional beliefs and modern philosophy.
  • For those pondering hotels for their travels, please check out my personal opinions on www.laporters.com, www.nyporters.com, or www.londonporters.com.

Beyond these projects, my desk is also piled high with various writing and editing projects for two publishing houses, a number of academic writing services, an Australian writer, and some good ol’ corporate marketing collateral.

An upcoming project that I’m really excited about is an affiliate marketing program with ResumeBucket.com to provide comprehensive resume, CV, bio, and letter writing services to clients who need to reposition themselves for the current market.

It is exciting to think that 2009 is just around the corner with so much opportunity to help clients put their vision into words!

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