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Dual Roles: Writer and Mom by Day and Night

When I tell people I’m a writer and I work from home, I get a lot of raised eyebrows. Originally, my friends thought this meant “I can call Nina any time of the day because she has all the time in the world to chat. My husband was sure this meant “The house will be spotless and dinner will be of gourmet caliber every night” although there were many snickers like “Enjoy Oprah” and “Don’t eat too many bon bons while you lounge on the couch all day.” Contrary to popular belief, I am not ironing the sheets and catching up on soap operas nor am I up to date on my friends’ lives. If anything, I’m busier than I know how to handle but loving every minute of it.

Running across a recent book on Amazon called, I Love My Life: A Mom’s Guide to Working from Home peaked my interest — first and foremost because I thought I should have written it but second because I thought it might have some good organizational tips. It certainly made me feel a bit better in terms of knowing there are more people out there like me trying to balance work and personal life while relishing the opportunity to work and be available for the kids rather than commuting my life away.

My typical day can start between 4-6am. Why? Because sometimes I like writing when no one is screaming my name and asking me to pick out their clothes or make their breakfast. From there, I take a short break to feed, clothe, and arm the husband and kids for the day. After the school run, it’s back to the desk to work through until the kids are done (unless I can sense opportunities for breaks to cut through the morass of errands). Then, it’s back with the kids to do homework and taxi them to their activities. I might be able to slip in more work after dinner but usually this is my time to exercise my energy back for another day and decompress with my other half.

The best part is that I can make my own schedule, keep clients happy, and have my children know that I’m there for them. I couldn’t feel more lucky as every day is different and full of new opportunities. It can get crazy and frustrating, but it’s still a career that I make my own and owe to the world of the Internet. Without it, I would not have such amazing clients tucked into all corners of the world who I can help at all hours of the day and night!

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