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Fellow Writers Expand Their Horizons

My favorite part of working in the field of freelance writing is the fact that it does not feel like a rat race or a feeding frenzy where colleagues get locked into a dog-eat-dog competition for writing projects and clients. If anything, I feel lucky to be on a career path that is highly relevant for today’s need for ongoing SEO-driven content production, academic writing, social media rants and raves, and ye old traditional marketing writing fare.

As such, I’ve pushed and cajoled others interested in writing to join the ranks of freelance writers around the world who love what they do and get paid for it — oh and there is that small set of benefits of not having to deal with office politics, the corporate machine, or the lack of a personal life.

Recently, a colleague of mine, Julie Lindstrom, began her own resume business called The Resume Hub. I couldn’t be more proud of her confidence to step up and deliver a site and business that is professional and provides a vital value-added service for the current job market that has turned the resume into one of the most important personal marketing tools. It’s no longer a laundry list of skills and places where you once worked; it’s a promotional message on what you can do for a company and how you can help them.

Congrats, Julie!

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