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Getting into the Blog of Things

I must admit that even though I can pump out a lot of content for clients, having a blog takes some getting used to. Since it not paid work and there are no deadlines hanging over my head, I forget about working on my own writing and marketing because of operating in “headless chicken” mode. Certainly, one of my many New Year’s resolutions has already been shot down, but I am revisiting my resolve to regularly post on my blog (whether any one actually reads it or finds my site without paying loads to our friends at Google, etc.).

As a writer who is often inundated with projects (and I feel lucky to be saying this during the current economic depression!) plus attempting to be a mother to two small boys, and discover some sort of social life or personal time (what’s that?), days and weeks tend to just melt away. I don’t know where Winter went now that Spring has sprung.

In taking a divergent path into personal reflections, it was a wonderful time this past Winter where I took three weeks of family and friend time to reboot my brain for the work that awaited in 2009. It had to have been the best Christmas ever with family from England and Australia, two feet of snow, and the mental reprieve of parties and quite a few festive cocktails.

As I look ahead to the rest of 2009, I am laying the groundwork to achieve my ultimate goal within my writing career to enter the world of book writing. A client asked me if my goal was to be a ghostwriter forever. Uh, NO! I would like my name on the dust jacket or digital front page of books at some point in the near future. Until then, I am happy to be working behind the scenes on a few varied book subjects while my clients take front and center on the cover of their books. After all, there are times where it is good to help someone orchestrate their ideas into organized and, perhaps, thrilling content.

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