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Ghostwriting Comes to Print — Pre-Order Now!

Last September, I was called in on a project by a client whose clients were left with a less than stellar manuscript (actually, two failed manuscripts) by another ghostwriter. I was told, in fact, that said ghostwriter took the money and ran, leaving them with a publisher that was about to drop them.

Eager to step in and prove my writing talent and reinforce that I’m a maniac when it comes to writing a lot quickly, I did the “jumping up and down, pick me, Shrek dance.” ┬áSo, it began. September melted into December and there was a book manuscript draft completed for a nearly 200-page book. The result — the usual refinements but the publisher liked it.

The deal was saved. I could safely put my writer’s superhero cape back in the closet. It was a deal done. Forgotten about really because these things take time to arrive for public consumption.

Well, here it is: E-Factor–Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age. Nice to see it with cover and all, knowing it is currently leaving the presses and awaiting purchase online through Amazon and other outlets. And, if you want to see what ghostwriting collaboration produces among two clients and one happy writing bunny, you can pre-order your copy here.

It was quite an experience and one that nudged the bar on writing experience all the higher for me. Not to mention, the ability to research and dive into the subject expanded my understanding of another niche area of knowledge — something I thank the powers that be every day to give me this as a ‘job’ or ‘income generator.’ wow, it feels amazing.

And, yes, this was a gratuitous plug to buy this book. Come on, you know you want to…….

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