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“Happiness, hit her like a train on a track”

So said Florence + the Machine.  In many ways, I’m still waiting for the train to even leave the station let alone hit me, so said the early forty-ish something female word player. Maybe I’m even a bit worried that it has crashed somewhere down the track and will never reach me. If anything has ‘struck’ me recently, it’s that.

Happiness is so elusive it seems for so many people despite putting on that cheerful face and letting the days pass.  Some seem to search for happiness at the bottom of a bottle while others are shopping their way to glee.  Many gamble that a relationship will  bring that happiness — love = happiness, right?

And, when in doubt that the happiness train will strike, go get a book or professional help. That will fix it. Not being Debbie Downer here  but I don’t think those things are working for people. Most that I know seem tired, stressed, and/or angry. I’ve felt it over the last few years, suddenly realizing that I’m potentially digging myself an early grave in the middle of quicksand. I thought that working 90 hours a week would be the fix-all and would get me to a better place in life. Nah, it really only wore me out and I felt a little jaded — so, yeah, work wasn’t happiness.

People — relationships: nope, that ain’t it.  Put your hope in happiness in others and you will be sorely let down. It’s not being pessimistic — it’s the truth.  Happiness does not come from others and then get transfused into you. Not going to happen. Usually, it ends up that having the wrong people around you simply sucks out what happiness you might have had — kind of like when fire takes oxygen out of the air.

Collecting ‘stuff’ is a pile of shit way to try and bag happiness — just leaves you short and maybe even in the red. But, I see it all the time. Buy, Buy, Buy and that makes it all better. I bet those people who camp outside at Best Buy for a week to get that new computer or TV must be ecstatically happy. Then, what?

So, happiness is not in a job, the bottle, love, people or stuff — where is it? I don’t know. I’m still looking and when I find it on my tracks, I’ll let you know if it doesn’t kill me first.

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