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Ho, Ho, Ho

So, as my sons remind me daily, Christmas is around the corner — t-minus 15 days and counting. With two chocolate Advent calendars, it’s easy to keep track. I’m one of those Type A’s that had their holiday shopping done in October mainly because I hate shopping if it involves entering a retail outlet (when online shopping was born, I rejoiced because it meant I no longer had to deal with people).

My perspective on Christmas is slightly different than most (and not in a special way). I grew up not being allowed to celebrate Christmas (among many other traumas) so I used to really go overboard when I first started celebrating in my early 20’s ¬†and then again after the boys were born. Now, I’m leveling out and chilling on the holidays.

Not that you asked what my perspective was about Christmas, but it is my blog so……

On the negative front, here is what I’m not looking forward to:

  • Going anywhere from now until after the New Year — call me anti-social but I feel like I absorb others’ emotions so I can’t take the stress and bitchiness.
  • Filling out Christmas cards — each year, my list has gotten shorter because I just don’t see the point. Fewer people are sending them and it’s much easier just to enjoy the time with friends and family or dash off an e-card.
  • Taking time off for an extended period — for me, going without my writing must be like someone who forgot to take their meds. I get edgy, twitchy, and my voice(s) start talking to themselves.
Despite my list of negatives, there is one thing I look forward to: spending time with the boys. With two week’s off, I am super excited to see them open their pressies. Picking out and wrapping their goodies definitely brings me joy. Since I missed that as a child (do I sound jaded? well, I am), this is one time I think it’s okay to live vicariously through my kiddos. I don’t need any fruitcakes or other presents because I have the two best gifts. And, to help me not go completely nuts over the holidays from not working, I will be making volcanoes, doing puzzles and science experiments, and enjoying Skylanders Giants (shhh, don’t tell them!).
Well, the other part of the holidays I enjoy is my homemade egg nog — heavy on the nog part….
Then, there are the kids’ Christmas programs, a pile of great books, and old friends as well.
Okay, so it’s not that bad……

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