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How to Write and Research an Academic Paper

Most of us dreaded writing papers in school and at college. I secretly enjoyed it and maybe that’s why I’ve worked for academic writing services for over five years. I am getting paid to learn. I like that!

However, I realize not everyone shares this love of writing academic papers, dissertations, and reports. However, there are some good tips out there that can help you do a great job.

When you write a research paper, you have to know your topic really well to have a successful paper. So you must do your research and be careful of what websites you go on. Google is helpful, but some of the websites that come up can be biased or have false information. So, if you go to Google, it is best to use Google Scholar or Google Books. Google Scholar lets you type in your topic and find many articles, journals, and research studies that provide credible data and information. However, if you need current events or other social data, it is good to also search on Google or Bing. Google Books keeps you from having to go to the library because it connects you with with hundreds of books on your topic. When you click on a book that seems interesting, you just click on it and you can read it online.

Another site you can use is Questia. Questia is a website that you have to pay for to search through, but it’s worth it. It has hundreds and thousands of journals, newspapers, magazines and other websites. Topics you can research are endless on Questia — from art to sociology subjects. You might also try JSTOR or other research databases.

From there, it is all about the writing, which takes organization and structure. Set your thesis statement (what you plan to argue) and then create an outline. This is your roadmap that gets you from the introduction to the conclusion. Pick your main points and then develop evidence around each point.

You might think I’m simplifying it but often we make things a lot harder than they need to be — and academic writing is one of them. Of course, if you are struggling that much, it doesn’t hurt to hire a writing partner or a writing service like All Answers, UK Essays, Imperial Essays or University Work. You might just end up working with me!

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