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More Reasons for Quality Content

Recent news on PR Web noted further reasons for quality content. Before the higher standards had been enacted by Google, content was simply tossed onto websites and articles strung together with plagiarized bits and pieces from others’ work.

For copywriters like myself, I jump for joy that Google is trying to push companies and website owners to think about — and pay for — quality content. This means that those of us who enjoy writing original content and adding a bit of flair to their work may actually receive more credibility when asked to bid on a job.

For me, quality content is how I do business whether Google sanctions me to do that for clients or not. I recently had a situation where a new writer had no idea that using other marketing content was not okay. My philosophy has always been that clients hire me for original work and do not pay me to simply “lift” other ideas or sentences. Going forward, I’m glad to see that the quality bar is being raised. In the end, it will allow writers like myself and my team to shine and it gives the world more interesting content that can help them solve a problem or simply just entertain.

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