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New Clients, Exciting Possibilities!

The past few weeks have brought some incredible new projects sure to keep my brain buzzing for the rest of 2009.

  • Idea Launch/Life Tips is a content outsource company that actually found me rather than me stalking them (wow, how did that happen?!). They hire brain boxes like me to develop creative and SEO content for their clients, which tend to be mid-size and large corporations. So far, I have covered a lot of tech-related content as well as online education and online cash advance companies.
  • Currently, I am co-authoring a book with John Pate of LS Screening out of Austin, Texas (yes, my name will appear on the front of the book!!! Goal of “official” book writer is now underway!!!). The book is about personal data and how it affects a person’s career choices and life in general. I’m learning some scary things about personal data–what is online, what people can find out about you, etc. So, if you have skeletons in the closet, technology can help people find it. Teh book will offer tips on how to become better informed about how to find out what is out there on the Web about you and how to possibly fix it. Late spring is the completion date so I’d better get cracking!
  • I just finished ghostwriting a book with a pastor in North Carolina on the journeys we take in life. What is great about the content of the book is that it is for people of all religions or those with none at all because it offers ideas about looking at how we approach the paths we choose in life and how we can be more proactive in guiding the journey that we are all taking. Good stuff and I’m not just saying that because I helped write it!
  • One of the biggest projects in the works is a 6-month research project designed to help a client study the effects of climate change with a specific look at China. It will involve compiling a number of the current solutions of the global table that are focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. After completing two other small projects related to the topic, I realize that the current state of climate change is definitely not a pretty picture. And, we all seem to just be burying our heads in the sand (perhaps to escape being gased ourselves by the emissions or are we just too busy to deal with the issue because we can currently still breathe?).

Working on such varied projects as these (and I left out the other projects that involve adult novelty aids, transmissions, academic essays, online advertising, etc.) makes me feel incredibly lucky. Not only do I feel my consciousness being expanded, but I am also rounding out my general knowledge and possibly enhancing my winnings potential should I ever choose to hit the trivia game show circuit. It sures feels good to be exercising the brain and stretching the boundaries of my capacity to learn! But, perhaps, that is just the nerd in me, fighting to get out!

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