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No, Thank YOU!

blogpic1While I’m not thankful I fell off the blog writing wagon, I’m taking a moment to think about this year — not necessarily the best but certainly one with turning points and realizations that became glaringly clear when I pulled my head out of the sand…

Thanks to…..

  • My health for coming back to me to give me another chance to treat it like it deservesblogpic3
  • My kick-ass clients for letting me keep digging away with words to get better with them and keep fueling the habit
  • My kids for keeping me from falling down the rabbit hole
  • My long suffering friends who tolerate it all
  • My brain and heart for finally getting into sync to say enough already
  • The two brave souls that potentially may have gotten all the way through Mindscape
  • Those new people who suddenly appeared at an eerily vital point on the timeline and probably won’t ever realize the incredible impact they are having even in the midst of delivering torture

Especially thankful to be heading into 2017 and making it the year that changes everythingblogpic2

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