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Partnering with Angel Copywriting: A New UK Content Company

The fun of being a copywriter and ghostwriter—especially in the age of technology that expands what is possible—is the ability to work with all types of firms located in nearly every corner of the world.

Such is the case with Angel Copywriting, a premier UK content company that specializes in both online and offline quality copywriting. Angel Copywriting is comprised of creative writers, seasoned editors, and in-the-know Internet marketing specialists who have the depth of knowledge to serve clients across the UK, Europe, and beyond.

I was lucky to get to know the great minds behind Angel Copywriting by forging a long-lasting relationship with two of their other companies, Academic Answers and Angel SEO. Nearly four years ago, I came across All Answers (then known as Academic Answers) whilst looking for academic writing jobs and soon became what felt like a partner in a growing firm of clever and talented individuals. From there, I developed a further relationship with Angel SEO, expanding my knowledge of quality SEO content development as well as the mechanics behind online social media marketing.

As part of the Angel Copywriting team, we will be focusing our creative talent on generating compelling and original content for a wide range of industries. I have yet to decide if the projects that are coming my way or watching Tony, Ryan, and the team grow yet another successful business will be more fun. Somehow, I think the fun will be split right down the middle.

Julie and I look forward to the challenge of combining our collective skills and delivering innovative and engaging content to promote the clients that we help through Angel Copywriting. With the world revolving around content and with information becoming a valuable asset, we look forward to riding the wave of success with such a fantastic group!

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