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Position Yourself for Career Success with a Resume Refresh by Julie Lindstrom

In these tough economic times, it is imperative to stay up-to-date and relevant in the job market. With corporations downsizing and trimming positions, your ability to market yourself is essential. Take a look at your resume and ask yourself these questions:
• Does my resume highlight and extol my accomplishments and achievements within my field?
• Is my resume visually appealing?
• Does my resume focus on contributions, instead of my daily tasks?
• Am I marketing and positioning myself to the best of my abilities?

If you answered no to even one of these questions, it might be time to consider refreshing your resume and cover letter. This can be a top tool in the battle to stay ahead of the pack in this challenging job market.

A professional resume and cover letter will allow you and your accomplishments to shine and be noticed amongst what is becoming an avalanche of resumes for employers. Human Resource directors report application submissions have increased significantly during this downturn. A well-crafted resume geared toward what you can deliver for their organization will ensure a long look rather than a simple glance from a prospective employer.

In addition, in the same way an outstanding resume garners attention, a concise cover letter can convey, not only your accomplishments, but allows you the opportunity to mention a career transition and specific goals. A cover letter is your first introduction and sets the tone for the human resource director. It also is the ideal way to share more capabilities that differentiate you from the other candidates.

A thank you letter is also a wonderful way to set you apart and make a lasting impression. Often overlooked, a thank you letter simply gives you the opportunity to thank the employer for an interview and reminds them of who you are. A thank you letter also tells the employer you believe in the value of building personal and lasting relationships.

Invest in your future and position yourself for success. Contact Nina or Julie to see how we can craft a custom resume, cover letter, and other key career correspondence that showcases your talent and singles you out as the best choice for the job!

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