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Re-Do Your Resume!

The economy is in the dumps, and a very sad reprucussion of that is the rapid rise in unemployment. With a shrinking pool of jobs to choose from, now is the time to revamp that resume so that your light shines a little bit brighter than your competition, moving your consideration as an interview candidate scale up to the top of the pile.

Think about investing in a resume writing service. Yes, I’m plugging myself and you can see my rates on this site. After writing resumes for years, services like mine understand what employers are interested in and how to put a spin on performance results without bending the truth. Writing services also have a handled on formatting, structure, word choice, and final presentation.

Once you do have done a resume makeover, think about posting it to sites like ResumeBucket (www.resumebucket.com) where you can get it in front of numerous companies that may be looking for someone just like you. Don’t just stick it on craigslist and hope that someone might find you. ResumeBucket helps in many ways to get you noticed.

Also, be proactive in continuing to pursue various avenues where you can get your resume in front of prospective employers. Recently, I helped a friend out with his resume. I believe it is now collecting dust somewhere rather than being actively marketed to companies that might not realize that their next star technical writer is out there. It can be scary to get out there and market yourself, especially if deciding to switch gears in your career and take a new path.

In my own experience, after shutting down a mobile day spa business that sucked the life out of me, I decided to restart my writing career. I spent countless hours, looking for websites to post my resume and profile as well as hitting up every website that might be offering writing jobs. It takes time and effort, along with a well-presented resume–whether written or designed as a video resume–but this is the time to regroup with an improved resume and even some skills enhancement through classes or seminars.

Eventually, we will climb out of the current economic crisis and hopefully stronger and more effective. Change is scary but it is necessary for making personal and professional improvements. Start with your resume and get your unique skills and qualities noticed.

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