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Reading for Attitude Adjustment

It’s easy to conclude that, as a writer, I spend a lot of time writing — that’s if I’ve been handed a lot of projects, sure, yes, busy writing even if it is upteen status updates on Facebook or virtual conversations with friends. And, while writing helps me to organize my thoughts and keep the mental buzz on vibrate, what really has helped me recently is reading more.

This has meant turning off the idiot box and hiding from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. While challenging at first (can we social media is an addiction? I’m beginning to feel it has that power), the quiet and ability to unplug from other’s drama and what often feels like ongoing white noise has been the cure for my insomnia (I knew I would find it without giving into the pharmaceutical industry!).

Reading toward a Right Life

The reading has been more than just the great novels and essay books I’ve been absorbing of late; it has also included ‘work-related’ projects that have either had me editing books for other writers or delving into research I have looked to for rounding out content on an unfamiliar topic. For example, a book I’m editing right now deals with enlightening your life and taking steps to move beyond being someone else’s doormat (hmm, I thought, this sounds like something I could relate to — not that I’m self-diagnosing the fact that I have always found it hard to say no to most things — but not all!).

With every page I proofread and finessed, the thoughts expressed by the therapist intrigued me and had the brain lurching forward again. In my current state, I was already in the frame of mind to work through some major changes in my life and rethink how I related to others. This ‘reading’ seemed to come at the right time because it literally knocked me out with some gems of wisdom about toxic people and situations that were just not the right path to take. It talked about how when a person feels unfulfilled or bored in their life and does not know what to do, this is when the universe sends them a whole galaxy worth of ‘crap.’ Not only did I laugh out loud, I also believed ┬áit couldn’t be more on target.

Since reading about the mindfulness concept in this author’s book, I returned to other books on mindfulness — a Buddhist technique that is often employed to clear one’s mind of clutter and make a clean sweep of the people that add stress and negativity to one’s life. From one reading came more reading, and what I am beginning to feel are words that have set a plan of action into play for me personally toward a very necessary attitude adjustment.

This Alice Has a Different Plan

Whether it was the TV programs, people, or situations I found myself gravitating toward recently, I now realized through reading that my life was being sucked down a negativity rabbit hole and it was not the darkness I wanted. Instead, in hitting a point in my life where I started to question where I was at and what there was to accomplish, I knew the rabbit hole and accompanying pills that make you bigger or smaller were not right for me.

I needed to gravitate towards the things that did not weigh me down because some were hell bent on making me small, wrong, and insignificant. Yet, I did not have to rely on others to tell me how great I was either so I felt big. It was about stepping away and starting anew with a plan for the future and different direction where the crap, guilt, and anxiety were left in a different galaxy. Thanks to the inspiration that other’s words can bring, reading lit a fire under my ass to take action and change things now so I didn’t regret my life later.

Thanks, books, you rock! And, those that write them, I respect your courage to share what you think and know. Turn off and tune into reading! You might just learn something of value.

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