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The challenge in a business is always about how to grow and take on more work without losing the value that you provide clients. In expanding my capabilities out to more clients, the recent months have involved cautiously stepping out a bit farther into the world of growth by working with other freelancers.

Both Julie Linstrom of The Resume Hub and talented writer Holly Layman have provided enormous help. In addition, I’ve recently added a young student in an intern role who is interested in marketing writing and social media. Danielle Webb is a community college student who is eagerly learning about freelance writing by assisting with research, drafts, content and revisions.

After working solo for so long and knowing exactly what I need to do for clients, it has been a unique challenge for me to learn how to then express this to other people so they can also provide what clients need. I’m excited to grow and am eager to help more clients with such a talented team on board.

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