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The “Write” Touch – How Writers Can Help Small Businesses Get Noticed

One of the more rewarding aspects of being a freelance writer is the opportunity to help small businesses. I recently took on a new small business client, Aqueous Pools Inc., a company specializing in custom in-ground swimming pool installation, as well as repairs, renovations and cleaning services. Aqueous Pools Inc. serves the greater Antelope Valley area and also offers a wide range of backyard landscape and entertainment options including spas, fountains, barbecues, gazebos and patio covers.

There are several ways in which a writer can help a small business like Aqueous Pools. Working with a freelance writer instead of a big marketing firm is much more cost effective, and allows for a personal touch.

I’ll be working closely with Aqueous Pools, providing a range of customized copywriting services, including web content, blog posts, and a social media platform with regular updates to its Facebook fan page. Each of these services is an integral part of a successful Internet marketing strategy for businesses both big and small.

Web Content – In today’s competitive market, a website for any business is a must. However, in order for that website to be effective it must have creative, quality content and effective SEO (search engine optimization). Potential clients must be able to find a business online and receive relevant content once they are at that business’s website. A friendly, engaging website will bring clients in and keep them coming back. Visitors to the Aqueous Pools website will be able to view a catalog of available products and services with clear and detailed descriptions, as well as contact the owner for pricing information and appointments.
Blogs – Frequent blog posts are a great way to keep content new and fresh, and to provide clients with meaningful, useful information. Not only can a blog post tell clients about an upcoming event or promotion, but a well-crafted blog can convey actionable information such as tips or ideas on how best to use or maintain a given product. The Aqueous Pools blog will feature topics such as landscaping ideas, and how to choose the pool or spa that’s right for you.
Social Media – A presence in social media outlets, such as Facebook or Twitter, is essential. Word of mouth and grass roots marketing is one of the most effective and powerful tools at the disposal of a successful business. It’s crucial to have frequent, engaging content to keep potential clients checking in and spreading the word. Watch this space!

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