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The Beauty of Gray

So, once upon a time, I really liked this song by Live called “The Beauty of Gray.” The lyrics went something like this:  ‘This is not a black and white world. To be alive, I say the colors must swirl.” Right, so swirling black and white results in some degree of gray. Some people find the state of gray to be wishy-washy.  Sure, to the human state of being and the ‘gray’ matter known as our cognitive state, things usually have to be one way or the other; it’s either right or wrong.

Discomfort comes when things just aren’t that easy to color in let alone faced with trying to  stay within the lines. And, even if we attempt to put it in one box or the other, we are still unhappy and dissatisfied because it’s not really that way or the other — it’s just easy or more convenient to make it black or white at that point. Sure, it could be a moral dilemma. That’s one of the best examples where, even if we apply hard and fast rules of morality and ethics, there are still some areas that leak into gray.

Some people use the state of gray as an excuse. I’m not advocating that at all — just saying it exists and it happens to all of us when making certain decisions in life.  And, it is usually why we resort to making those lists of positives and negatives, read advice books, or ask others for what they would do. It’s really so that the degree of gray becomes light or dark enough to give us the answer so it’s not so ‘hard’ to get to on our own.

By the way, I don’t have any sage advice here — just dawned on me the last few years how many gray areas there are when I have been contemplating the meaning of life and state of play in my own or have been asked so many ‘whys’ and ‘how comes’ from the boys. And, while I often aim for black or white, there always seems to be someone there who feels the need to correct whether it should be one or the other.

So, I’m thinking, let me live in gray for awhile until the shade goes one way or the other — it’s not wishy-washy to me; it’s letting the answer reveal itself over time.

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