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The Best Places on the Internet to Find Research Material

Can you remember the last time you actually set foot in a library? Yeah, me either. With the wealth of information available on the Internet, it’s possible to find research materials on just about anything. Whether you’re doing academic or content writing, it’s all there if you know where to look.

Google Books and Google Scholar

Google Books works with authors, publishers, copyright holders and libraries to bring users a searchable resource of everything from snippets to the complete works across a wide range of books. Each book has a correlating reference page with relevant information, such as reviews, links, maps and more. Print books can be purchased or even borrowed, and e-book editions are available for purchase through the Google eBookstore.

Google Scholar is a comprehensive search engine for “scholarly literature” with interdisciplinary sources available from a wide selection of academic documents. Google Scholar also allows users to locate a complete copy of the resources needed on the web or through the user’s library.


Not just for music videos and home movies, YouTube is a rich source for research material. YouTubeEDU is home to a comprehensive selection of videos and lectures from world-renowned and highly esteemed instructors and universities. YouTube is also home to channels, such as the ResearchChannel, which features hundreds of videos on a variety of academic and scholarly subjects.

The Invisible Web

You don’t need special glasses or get a magic spell from Hogwart’s to access the Invisible Web. The Invisible Web is simply the online information search engines don’t have access to. According to About.com, the Invisible Web is about 500 times bigger than the searchable Web. How big is that? Imagine the earth’s layers. The searchable Web would just be the earth’s crust while the Invisible Web would be more like the earth’s mantle.

What type of information is available? Most of the information contained in the Invisible Web is academic. There are various portals of access through sites, such as the Virtual Library, CompletePlanet, and the SJSU Academic Gateway. However, these are just a few examples of the numerous resources available.

Use Your Noodle

Websites, such as NoodleTools, not only offer resources, but it also connects you to extremely useful tools to help track down those resources. On NoodleTools, users can search by topic, type of information desired, and even by experience level. Tools, such as NoodleQuest, also make searching even easier by asking a series of multiple choice questions before customizing the search results to match your research need.

Research Help is Here
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