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The Story Changes with Every Choice

Each of us writes a story whether we actually think about it or not. Every choice is based on a dilemma or a decision that presents itself — and each one can create even a slight variation that could then alter the story’s course — sometimes for seemingly good or bad but something where only time will determine the real goodness or badness to that particular choice selection.

This is what every book essentially boils down to — some sort of dilemma or crossroad — and the reader is fascinated because they want to see what someone else — the character — would do and think. They may even see themselves as that character and think about what they would do when placed in a similar situation.

While it sounds pretty straightforward to create, seeing each of us have our own story to tell, it is anything but. When it comes to writing a book and creating a story and set of characters, it can easily become a two-dimensional result or trite story with a tired plot and recycled ideas. The trick is to use enough of one’s own complexities and personal complications to enrich this writing. However, do it in a way where those who know you don’t say it’s you.

And, whether you are doing this for a book project or you are just starting to think about your life and how you want to write it, it’s important to consider all the potential issues that can come from making one choice, including the ripple effect it will create in the lives of others that ‘read it’ or participate in it.

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