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Things I Would Rather Do When Clients Don’t Pay or Potential Ones Offer Me Nike Shoe Factory Wages

Originally, this was going to be a vent(i) post about another recent experience I had along with inspiration from a conversation this morning with a colleague about the moving target deadlines for paying out on invoices despite our hard and fast deadlines from which we are expected to deliver and live or be cut.

No matter how I feel about this or the fact that many jobs recently have provided such a sliding scale on what they think writing is valued at that I’m now considering turning in my application for the Nike shoe factory somewhere in Southeast Asia (I might be too old though!), this can’t be a bitch whine post.

Instead — turning negative into positive maybe — I’m going to short list the things I would rather do than wait for a check or PayPal payment or spend my day working on an article whose pay would pale in comparison to what I could make at In-N-Out Burger:

1 . Do my own writing — sure, it doesn’t pay (right now) but I enjoy it more because it helps me organize the chaos in my head and is cheaper than hiring a therapist.

2. Spend time with my kids — they laugh at my jokes and I  get big smiles as payment when I help them with homework or hang out with them (this has an expiration date on it when they become teenagers so now is the time to make the most of it).

3. Run — I feel better, again organize the whole cray cray going on in the noggin, and boost the energy reserves.

4. Sleep — This alone is worth its weight in gold. And, yes, sometimes those afternoon siestas are sort of awesome.

5. Market to potential clients — Just because some of today’s business people use the economy as an excuse to pay nothing for a job that requires a significant amount of talent doesn’t mean everyone is on that page. It’s important to keep plugging away and digging in to find new clients who are looking to commit to creating a long-term relationship. I don’t mean we need to get married, but we can take the best of each other and do some win-win kinds of things.****

6. Read — It feeds the soul.

I know — five things would have fit the typical blog/article mold, right? But, I had six things that had to be listed………

****It was pointed out to me that the act of marketing actually sucks. This is true so I’m going to work  more toward somehow becoming independently wealthy.

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