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Tips for Sending Out Moving Announcements

Moving is one of life’s biggest stressors. You have to find a reputable moving company, secure high-quality moving boxes so your valuables do not fall out of the bottom, and finally, you have to actually move. By the time you are done with this little checklist, all you want to do is kick your feet up and relax. But wait, there is one more important task to check off your list, and that is sending out moving announcements. Now, I know it can be easy to let this one slide. What is the point?

But, that is exactly the issue. We must stay in contact with our former work colleagues, our old neighbors, and our 2nd cousin on our mom’s side. You never know when or why they might need to reach us, but whatever the reason, take the time to send out moving announcements so all your old friends and family can keep in contact at a moment’s notice.

Creating the List

  • When compiling a list of names for your moving announcements, start with your phone book.
  • Go through your list and note family, former colleagues, college and school friends, and neighbors. Think about your current colleagues and which ones you should stay in contact with.
  • Don’t be selective; you never know when you might need a personal or business reference or word-of-mouth job referral.
  • Take into account your professional organizations and affiliations and put them on your list. Groups, such as the Boy Scouts, the Chamber of Commerce and other non-profit organizations like to keep abreast of current and past members.
  • Include your CPA, personal banker, dentist, and doctor on your moving announcement list. At times, bills might need to be forwarded, or better yet, refunds might need to be issued and having a current address will expedite matters.

Making an Impression

  • You can look online or visit your local stationary store or office center for companies who specialize in pre-printed and custom moving announcements.
  • If your budget allows, choose a good quality paper with raised lettering and matching envelopes. It is a good idea to order new address labels at the same time and the good news is you can use them for your return address. Don’t forget to include your new home phone number, cellular number, and email address.
  • If you are mailing a large batch of envelopes, check with the post office to see if you qualify for bulk rate or try metered mail, which can save you money on postage costs.
  • If funds are tight after the move or you are just looking to save money, pre-printed moving announcements are an affordable option. Simply fill-in your information and pop them into the mailbox.

Keeping in contact in this fast-paced life is more important than ever. Take the time to send out moving announcements and you might be surprised by the rewards you reap.

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