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Unapologetic Bragging

Societal norms say bragging is bad or frowned upon. Sure, I can see that, especially if people become obnoxious about what they got or how they won something — and by obnoxious I mean, that’s all they talk about or maybe even how they say it. Recently, though, many people have announced victories or accomplishments and then apologized right after saying it. Why? You rock!

No need to apologize. Bragging isn’t bad — if anything, we all need to hear more good news right about now in the midst of all the craziness in politics and misbehaving going on. Hearing that my friends and colleagues are doing great or have some ‘wins’ to report makes my day. It is encouraging and uplifting. And, hey, it might make even try a bit harder that day to reach my own goals.

The ongoing negativity and insecurity in our society makes so many people instantly sneer when someone else posts that their kid did amazing or they got a new client. It becomes a competition and it seems easier just to be snarkie about it than actually stop and think, what could I do to achieve some amazing achievement that might motivate someone else or make their day?

We should be each other’s cheerleaders. There is so much crap slung at people each day. There are so many others outside of our circle that are waiting to beat us down. We can push them farther afield by focusing on even the smallest win we achieved that day. So, when someone tells me that their child won an award or hit top marks or I read that someone I know that couldn’t walk a mile let alone run one has signed up for a half-marathon, I’m going to cheer. They are not telling me to make me feel bad; they want to share the good stuff more than just turn to a friend with bad news or discouragement.

Brag! It’s not a bad thing! No one is going to stop me from shouting from the highest mountaintop or mega-phoning it on my Facebook page if my kids do something awesome or I got a new client. It makes me happy and keeps me going on my list of life goals. All you naysayers, keep moving. Nothing to see here for you.

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