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What I Get from Social Media by Danielle Webb

As a young consumer, I find myself always searching for new things. I never wanted a Facebook page because I had MySpace and thought I was good with that. But, then one day, my best friend forcefully made me sign up for it. Now, Facebook is my lifeline. Without it, I don’t feel like I would really know what was going on in the world.

Although I do see a lot of random stuff on the Internet, there are some things that I have become hooked on because of it. One site I can’t get enough of is YouTube. I can’t help but look for the funniest videos to post now. I used to think YouTube was so boring and not necessarily, but seeing my friends’ posts on Facebook from videos on that site made me appreciate that sites like these really offer quite a lot of entertainment.

Facebook has also made me look at new genres of music. On there, I find new bands because my friends are always posting videos of songs they like. And, then of course, I have to check them out just to see what people are listening to and see if I like them. Most of the time, they are pretty good and I end up going to iTunes and buying the song or even the entire album. Even though MySpace is out of fashion now and it seems like now one ever goes on it, I do still check out some of the music on there. After all, that was where I got half of the stuff on my iPod.

Another thing I do on Facebook is look at clothing websites, such as Forever 21. They have pictures of all of their newest clothes and latest fashions. Now, I don’t even need to go to the store to buy the stuff I want anymore. So many businesses have a Facebook page that I can see what they have and if I want to go to their store without even leaving the house to find out.

Social media has changed my life and it seems like it is changing the world. I feel like it helps me keep up with more friendships but also opens my eyes to what’s out there more so than any newspaper, TV, or radio ever did.

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