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What Inspires Me? A Writer’s Perspective

This is blog post is going to be a short one — not because I’m not inspired by a lot of things but because it has been a tough, emotionally exhausting week combined with insomnia, which easily puts the smackdown on any mental or creative energy (at least that’s my excuse this week; stay tuned for the sorry-ass one I come up with next week…..). Anyways, it is true, creativity — well, the good stuff — is often born out of inspiration.

Every person is different — inspiration comes from alternate places….sources. I know that inspiration to do my client work comes from a different time and space than that of my own personal musings. When it is about my own writing, the f current inspirations vary (some of you will not be named but you know who you are) and these are in order of what comes to mind (some might say this is the order of priority and importance but I beg to differ):

  • What I read;
  • Conversations with others;
  • Music;
  • Media;
  • My children;
  • Good and bad engagement/interaction with others that I care deeply about;
  • Alcohol and the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Sleep; and
  • The voices in my head (anyone who knows me will agree, laugh, or do both).
Inspiration comes from emotions (even those we try to repress) so it can be joy-related or pain-related. Writing can be a catharsis that helps reconcile and re-calibrate those emotions and feelings. Sharing those inspirations in words with others can even maybe, quite possibly help reconcile their own mass confusion, searching, or loss. ¬†While I’m not inspired to help others, if it happens, then it is just an indirect benefit of playing with words.


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