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What is Quality Content?

What is it about your favorite websites that keeps you coming back and checking in? It’s the one thing every successful website needs: quality content. But what exactly is quality content?

Quality content is useful. Whether it’s financial advice or souffle recipes, people look to the internet for the information they need. This can be in the form of how-to articles and videos, blog posts, product reviews, or tips. Tips are especially popular because they are quick, helpful and easy to read. Anything that can make life easier or a little better is definitely useful.

Quality content is accurate. Accuracy is obviously important for things like stock quotes or movie show times but in order to build and maintain trust, all of the information presented on a website needs to be as accurate as possible. Credibility will be lost in a nanosecond if the information on a website is no good.

Quality content is timely. It’s important to keep content fresh and relevant. A site with infrequent updates becomes stale and won’t maintain interest. Quality content gives people an important reason to check in, and check in often.

Quality content is accessible. The best general interest and consumer websites make it clear what the site is all about and make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Websites featuring a specialized interest or hobby also need to keep this in mind. Too many technical terms or too much jargon can put off potential clients or customers.

Quality content is… high quality. Quality content represents a business, product or interest in a polished, professional way. No matter how useful, accurate, timely or accessible the content is people won’t see that if there are misspellings and poor grammar usage. Content can be casual and fun, but it still needs to get your message across clearly and appropriately.

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