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What My Business Ownership has Taught My Kids

There’s a lot to learn from owning a business but even more if you have kids that are around that business on a daily basis. While I initially had parental guilt about running a business from home because I had to work and couldn’t always give my children the attention they wanted when home, I now see their experience with my business as a benefit for them.

While kids don’t usually see what their parents do at work every day since most work away from home, my two get to see how much goes into starting and managing a business plus what it’s like to have a job before they have a job. The best part is that they like to help when there is something they can do. Not only are they developing a work ethic at an early age, but they are also gaining some “mad” skills.

Since I’m in the writing and research business, they are improving their own writing skills at an early age by helping me on projects. Both know how to use numerous online tools like WordPress, Blogger, and social media platforms. They also are using sites like Google Books and Google Scholar for their own work.

Having a business is a good way to also discuss certain values with my kids like money management, deadlines, clear communication and honesty. This has helped me explain those values and show them why they are so important to adhere to.

They also see how I handle conflict and disappointment in work. When I’ve lost a client or been let go, I share it with them so they understand that work has its ups and downs but I use it as a positive platform to show them why I use the experience to learn and continue looking ahead.

Lastly, owning a business has been a way to show my kids that there are many opportunities out there for careers and they don’t always have to be for someone else or work within the hours of 9-to-5. They know there are more choices out there and, if they can’t find what they are looking for, they can just create that career themselves with hard work, ingenuity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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